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How I Spend One Day In Zurich

Zurich is an upmarket banking city and the financial capital of Switzerland. It, therefore, comes as no surprise it’s often labeled as the most expensive city in the world. Being a simple tourist with a limited budget, there are times people would find it difficult to allocate their spending on their souvenirs, transportation, food & accommodations. Being a short-term tourist myself, here are my experiences on how I spend a one day in Zurich.

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Day - 1 [Arrival in Zurich]

The flight was shaky with some turbulence on board. By the way, I took Qatar Airlines from Doha. It took me 6 hours and 30 minutes to reach Zurich. Overall, not that bad in terms of flight experiences. Upon arrival at the hotel, the first thing I felt was the cold weather. My gosh, it was really freezing. With temperature at 3°C during the day and -2°C during the night. 


Without further ado, here are some of the Information about the Hotel that I've stayed for the night:


Mövenpick Hotel Zürich

Walter Mittelholzerstrasse 8
Switzerland 8152
Tel: 8003446000

Type: Boutique Hotel
Price range: $151 to $200
What’s included: Wheelchair Accessible
A Party Place: No

For more information, you may refer here for detailed info.


As I walked into the bathroom after a long flight and a rubbery ducky was sitting on the sink, I suppose that’s one creative way to greet your hotel customers! Also, the company prepared a bottle of mineral water along with 2 Swiss chocolates! Yummy! Furthermore, the company makes their own ice cream and their vanilla ice-cream is one of the best I’ve ever had. Highly recommended if you ever decided to stay here for the night.

Below are the list of things I have prepared to overcome such a cold winter:




  • Black Warm Boots
  • Cotton Crew Socks
  • Inner Fur Long Pants
  • Long Sleeve Turtle Neck Shirt
  • Winter Fur Jacket Overcoat
  • Thermal Long Johns Inner Layer
  • Long Red Scarf
  • Cute Beanie
  • Sticky Body Warmer

In terms of their Currency Rates, below was the rate I have exchanged during my stay:

1CHF - Swiss Franc = 4.12MYR - Malaysian Ringgit

1CHF - Swiss Franc = 0.99USD - United States Dollar

For the latest Currency Exchange Rate, you may refer here.

Once you're ready, its time to head out for lunch!


To be honest, not that cold once you’re all geared up for it. That said, it’s time for a quick selfie!


The hotel provides free shuttle bus services to the airport, and that’s where I will go for lunch. From the hotel there are buses every 50 minutes to an hour per interval. It takes about 10 minutes to reach the airport; it was kinda swift I’d say. You may refer to the lobby receptionist for more info on the shuttle bus schedule.

The ride was nice and short, with build-in heater to keep you warm. I was glad it didn’t take much time to reach the airport, as I was starving.

As I have arrived the airport, I was greeted with Chinese New Year decorations in the airport. Which reminds me, CNY is almost around the Corner!


I went to have lunch at the Food Court called "Food Land", you could find it at Level 0.


There are plenty of stalls available with different cuisine for your picking.


Ordered a Chicken Stew with Rice. The taste was nice though it seemed pricey. It costed me about CHf. 16.40 including tax.


Their sushi was kinda fresh as well though the taste wasn't as good as those in Japan. But it’ll satisfy my cravings for dinner later.


Now that my belly is filled, it’s time for some grocery shopping!

In case you have not noticed, the Swiss are famous for their chocolates. I have brought a few for my family and some for my friends as souvenirs.


A whole section of chocolates for your chocolates lovers out there!


If you're on a tight budget and prefer to cook in your Airbnb apartments, there are plenty of raw ingredients on sale.


Day - 2 [Flight Back Home]

It was snowing on the next day, temperature was lower than normal at -3°C during the day and -8°C during the night. I was shivering even though I was wearing thick.


As for breakfast, I was recommended by a local on a cafe called The Fork & Bottle. Being an expat hub in Zurich, which has something to do with its full English breakfast option and the impressive choice of craft beers (over 60 on offer). But that, and the rather rustic décor, shouldn’t put you off as both the breakfast and brunch packs their menus with mouth-watering, and tasty options like fried chicken and savory, sweet potato waffles or a spinach and mushroom breakfast burrito. If you’re in for a alcoholic brunch, they also have a good choice of cocktails full of fresh ingredients.


Useful Links & Suggestions

Buses & Train Tickets:

I would highly recommend you to get the Zürich Card for ease of transport within:

  • City of Zurich
  • Surrounding Regions
  • Airport transfer between Zurich Airport & City
  • Excursion up the Uetliberg, Local Mountain

For more information on the getting around Zurich, you may refer here.

Lake Zurich Cruises:

Boat travel on Lake Zurich is a leisure-and-pleasure experience, take an one hour cruise around the Lake and then drop by the Lindt chocolate factory. For Prices & Information, you may refer here.


Uetliberg Hiking

For Hikers who loves challenges, The Planet Trail is a magical ridge walk: in just under two hours, hikers can journey through our solar system as they admire the superb panoramas along the way up the summit.

What you'll need to take note:

  • You‘ll need stout shoes and a few layers.
  • There are water fountains on the way but you may wish to bring a small bottle and enough toffees to share.
  • The paths are not suitable for people in wheelchairs, prams or the infirm.
  • From the scenic trails is the one to Felsenegg with its restaurant and gondola.
  • The gondola can then take you down to Adliswil to return to Zurich by train.

 For more information on the route to Uetliberg, you may refer here.

Now I’d Like To Hear From You ;D

There you have it:

My simple guide & tips for spending one day in Zurich for 2019.

Now I’d like to hear from you.

When is your next upcoming trip to Zurich?

Are you going to visit for long or just a day like me?

Or maybe you want to try Lake Zurich Cruises.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.


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